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Vocabulary Spell City


Dear Educator,

We understand the transition to virtual learning has brought its own set of challenges. Moving lessons from the classroom to online can be a big adjustment, but VocabularySpellingCity is here to help!

Challenge your students with our virtual, game-based resources which can be applied to any word list. Use this month’s new Earth Day spelling list to help your students learn about the importance of our planet.

Looking for more virtual spelling opportunities? VSC has you covered with over 40 activities to help keep your students engaged while they are working from home. Use our special teacher promo code to receive 3 months free today: VSCFree90.

How to sign up:

New to VocabularySpellingCity, please register here

Already a member? Log into your account and select “Licenses and Orders” from your username navigation in the upper right-hand corner. Create an order and for payment use the VSCFree90 promo code.

During the payment portion of the registration you will not be asked to input a credit card. 

In the Promo Code section, please input VSCFree90 and select Apply. 

Agree to the Terms and Conditions and select Go Premium.

To learn more about VocabularySpellingCity or to sign up today, visit our website at

Please forward to any educator who needs resources to help learning continue while out of the physical classroom.