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All Sinton ISD students who live in the district are eligible for transportation service. The goal of the Sinton ISD transportation department is provide a safe and enjoyable environment for students that are transported to and from school and district events. Riding a school bus is a privilege provided by the school district which may be taken away for Code of Conduct violations.

If you are interested in transportation services please visit your child’s campus to complete the proper forms. This campus will then to verify your information and forward the form to the transportation department.


Parents must notify their student’s campus of any address changes and transportation services. Changes and requests for new service may take up to 24 hours to be processed once received from the campus. For information on bus routes and stops you may contact the Transportation Department at 361-364-6834.

Important: It is the parents responsibility to provide for the safety of their child to and from the designated bus stop. Please also note the following:

  • Students in grades 3 and up are not required to have a parent/guardian be present at the bus stop.
  • All students (including PK-2) that are at large stops such as housing complexes, are not required to have a parent/guardian present. PK-2 students may with a signed release form.
  • Students may only be picked up and dropped off at their home address, or a verified Grandparent address which is already on an established route, or a state Registered Daycare1 facility which is already on an established route.

Bus Conduct Rules






More information concerning transportation can found starting on page 54 of the Student Handbook

Staff Forms


Registered Daycare: Sec. 42.002.  DEFINITIONS. (3)  “Child-care facility” means a facility licensed, certified, or registered by the department to provide assessment, care, training, education, custody, treatment, or supervision for a child who is not related by blood, marriage, or adoption to the owner or operator of the facility, for all or part of the 24-hour day, whether or not the facility is operated for profit or charges for the services it offers.