Sinton I.S.D. partnering with Sinton for Youth, Inc.

Latchkey after-school program

800 E. Sinton St.

Sinton, Texas 78387

Stephanie Hesseltine




Veronica Casanova

Site Coordinator



Dimas DeAsis

Assistant Coordinator



3:30-5:45 pm 


All Latchkey forms must be printed and filled out before your child’s 1st day.

Latchkey packet:


Sinton I.S.D. partnering with Sinton for Youth, Inc., is proud to offer this service to the families of our community.  Spots are limited every year.  This program serves students who are in Kindergarten up to 5th grade.  Activities daily include, cooking class, arts and crafts, computer lab, media, math, and board games.  Students will rotate every day to a different station/teacher.  Fridays are free play outside (weather permitting).


$20 a week per child.  

$10 a week per child (if on free & reduced lunch)


Pick up time is 5:45pm.  Please be prompt.

Contact after 3:30pm:  (361)364-6990