Health Services

Lori Soliz RN, District Nurse
Sinton High School
Office: (361)364-6696

Victoria Garcia LVN
Smith Middle School
Office: (361)364-6857
Kristi Hernandez LVN
Sinton Elementary
Office: (361)364-6903
Emilee McFarland RN
Welder Elementary
Office: (361)364-6607

Vaccines Required for 7th Grade Entry

Please note that ALL incoming 7th graders for the 2016-2017 school year are required to have an MCV-4, Tdap & x2 Varicella vaccines for 7th grade entry.  For your convenience, Sinton Family Planning will be holding a free vaccination clinic during SMS school registration from 8 am until noon on Tuesday, August 9th.   Parents must be present to fill out consent form.  This will be the only school scheduled clinic.   Seventh grade students must have received these vaccines in order to begin school.  


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