Disciplinary Alternative Education Program 

D. A. E. P.

Stephanie Hesseltine


322 S. Archer Street

Sinton, Texas 78387


Learn, grow, and accept the challenge.

You will succeed!

School hours:  7:55-3:30 pm Monday-Friday

No Backpacks or school supplies needed

No cell phones or electronic devices

No outside food

All other items brought onto campus will be confiscated and may be picked up at the end of the day.

D. A. E. P. is a campus that educates students from grades K-12 who have been placed here for a specific length of time depending on the conduct code violation broken on their home campus.

Once placement is over, students return to their home campus the majority of the time with much better grades then when they began their placement.  They also learn skills to ensure their transition and success upon returning to their campus.  Skills are taught on  how to respect  teachers, as well as how to get past certain situations that cause them to get into trouble.

Counselors come twice weekly to meet with students placed at D.A.E.P.  The counseling program discuss topics such as: the truth about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  It also talks about social. emotional, and physical- “positive thoughts and actions” for the mind and body.

  D. A. E. P


Learn, grow,  accept the challenge.


You will succeed!

General Information

Student Dress Code

All students will go through a metal detector and be wanded upon arrival.

  1.      No jewelry including watches, rings, earrings, or piercings of any kind.
  2.      Student faces are to be free of facial hair.
  3.      Shirts or t-shirts with NO writing, emblems, or designs other than school spirit shirts.
  4.      Fitted blue jeans or khaki pants.  No baggy pants, coveralls, overalls, shorts, warm-ups or wind suits.
  5.      No caps or hoods may be worn.
  6.      No steel toed boots, sandals or open toe shoes, including slip on clogs.
  7.      Tattoos must be covered at all times.
  8.      No purses or make up.
  9.      No wallets with chains.

*Campus Administrator will have the authority to rule on whether or not any article of clothing or student appearance is acceptable.  Students wearing improper shirts or slacks will be required to change into scrub pants and shirt provided by DAEP.


Except for major infractions, discipline will be administered as follows:

  •         Verbal warning: each student will be allowed one verbal warning
  •         Written warning:  referral to the office
  •         One to three day suspension: student must bring a Parent/Guardian to meet with DAEP staff to implement a behavioral contract
  •         Suspension pending expulsion

The following constitutes cause for immediate suspension pending expulsion:

  1.      Fighting (in or outside school premises)
  2.      Illegal possession of drugs/alcohol/weapon
  3.      Persistent misbehavior (Senate Bill 1)


Student_Handbook 2018-19