College Credit

Advanced Placement

Sinton High School offers National College Board Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Students enrolled in these classes take tests or submit portfolios of work in an effort to receive college credit and advanced placement in college classes.

• AP classes offered at Sinton High School include:
• Calculus AB
• Chemistry
• English III and IV
• Spanish IV
• Studio Art Drawing
• Statistics

Advanced grade points are awarded for AP classes. For transfer students, AP classes
receive advanced G.P.A. weight only if they are offered at Sinton High School.

Dual Credit Courses/College Courses

In addition to the programs offered by the district, students in grades 9–12 may earn college credit from the following:

• English IV Dual Credit
• Economics Dual Credit
• Government Dual Credit
• U.S. History Dual Credit
• Welding I & II