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Royalties, Plagiarism, and Copyright

Sam Smith wins with “Stay With Me” Song of the Year

Grammy Award Winner’s  Sam Smith and Tom Petty–tom-petty-settlement-20150126

January 14, 2014: Robin Thicke, Pharrel, and the Marvin Gaye Family

Dolly Parton: “Working 9 to 5″

Other Famous Copyright/Royalty/Plagiarism Cases in the Music Industry

And check this out…

John Fogerty vs Creedence Clearwater RevivalIn order to be able to leave Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Fogerty had to sign away all of his royalties in CCR’s stable of songs. There was no love lost between Saul Zaentz and John Fogerty which became imminently clear in 1985 when Fogerty recorded and released a song called Zanz Can’t Dance from the Centerfield album, which was about a con man and his con pig. Zaentz fild a Defamation of Character suit and then later filed another suit claiming that the lead track to that same album; The Old Man Down the Road, was a replica of a CCR song; Run Through the Jungle. Essentially, John Fogerty was now being accused of plagiarizing himself.It took a visit to the court with guitar in hand by John Fogerty in order to settle the case. After hearing the song played for them in court, the jury decided that the two songs were not the same, the only thing they shared is the same style and that was not a copyright/plagiarism issue. After the court ruled to dismiss the case, Fogerty filed his own suit against Fantasy Records for attorneys fees and was granted restitution by the U.S. Supreme Court.John Fogerty considered this a very important case as it would have bearing on whether an artist could continue on in his or her own style once having signed over rights to their creations.As far as the defamation case, the name of the song was changed from Zanz to Vanz.

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