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Choices Today
2)Typing Web
4)You may do anything on the posts from last week. (The ones with Mission to Mars, etc.)
5) You may work on any project that is on your computer right now.

Please get your video files on your Y drove. Thanks…trying to get back from Corpus!
Mrs. Mounts :-)

Blood Moon April 14, 2014

Computer & Career Investigations

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Hello, Students! :-)

Session One: Warm Up

When you are finished with your warmup you are to visit these sites.
While projects continue to roll out this week, you will complete a self study about online safety and delve into various careers.

Session Two: Topic of Study-Online Safety:
Tuesday: Being Smart

Session Three: Topic of Study: Career Investigations

Ongoing Projects this week include:
Teacher Project
Motivational Movie


Thanks for Working Hard Today!

Because you have been testing all week,
you are going to “relax” with the activities below.
You must complete your warm up first.
We will be spending 10 minutes practicing our online
learning through YacaPaca!

Notice that a  task is assigned to each choice; some seem very easy…
but careful! They will surprise you!
These will fill your “bag of intellectual tricks”
that will help you with other projects to come!
Cats Kissing
 On behalf of the teachers at EM Smith Middle School…
 We appreciate your hard work!
Mrs. Mounts :-)

Seriously Amazing
Task: If you choose this site you will be asked to share 5 new facts with the class. You may share using PowerPoint, PhotoStory, or Prezi.  (
How do you spur curiosity? Just ask the six quirky characters of Smithsonian’s Seriously Amazing Website. The Wild will share the diversity of the animal kingdom; The Green reflects the wonder of the natural landscape; The New will show how technology and creativity collide; The Masterpiece embodies artistic expression; The Storyteller shares the tales of the people of America; The Discoverer explores the world and universe. Seriously Amazing links the knowledge and resources of the Smithsonian Institution and sparks a spirit of inquiry.

The Digital Public Library of America
Task: If you choose this site you will be asked to share 5 new facts with the class. You may share using PowerPoint, PhotoStory, or Prezi.  (
The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is an online collection of  millions of photographs, maps, sounds, manuscripts, books, and more
accessible anytime, anywhere, for anyone. DPLA materials come from  museums, archives, and libraries across the United States, and provides
primary source examples of our American Heritage and human history. With DPLA, users can explore resources by topic, map, format, timeline, or
exhibition. With a free account, items can be saved to lists and shared  with others.

Make a Mission
Task: Build a spacecraft to explore the planet mercury.
Mercury is the least explored of the terrestrial planets—the last
spacecraft data on Mercury came from Mariner 10, over 30 years ago. The
MESSENGER (MEcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry and Ranging)
Mission to the planet launched in 2004. The spacecraft will enter
Mercury’s orbit in 2011 and collect data for one full Earth year. Of the
four terrestrial planets in our solar system—Mercury, Venus, Earth, and
Mars—Mercury is the smallest and densest. MESSENGER aims to find out
six things about Mercury: why it is so dense; the planet’s geologic
history; more about the magnetic field; what its core is made of; what
materials can be found at the poles; and the composition of its
exosphere. Understanding more about Mercury can lead to a better
understanding of the planets in our solar system and how they formed and
Simon Says Memory via Continents
Task: Participate

Online Sudoku
Task: Participate

Magic Pen
Task: Participate

House of Hanoi
Task: Participate

Explore the World of Infectious Diseases
Task: Participate

Virtual Clinical Trials
Task: Participate







Teachers are tough…aren’t they?

Kudos to SMS FPS Student, Hannah Carawan

Can you hear the applause? Hannah Carawan,  a EM Smith Middle School Future Problem Solver,  entered the “Scenario Writing Competition.”  Hannah won first place in her division and earned a spot at the State Bowl in April, where she will get to present a 90 second movie trailer of her story.  In addition, by being in that first place position, she has earned an invitation to the International Bowl later this year!

A huge thanks also goes to Rachael Caffey, 6th grade ELAR teacher at Smith Middle School, for mentoring this student!
Sinton ISD is proud of you both! :-)



The Rappin Mathematician: Decimals

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Charlie Brown

Sploder Physics Tutorial