Education Empowers Youth

Malcolm Mitchell, who joined a book club after a chance encounter with a middle-aged woman in a book store. Mitchell told reporter Steve Hartman that when he started college, he could only read at a middle school level. “So he started putting as much into his reading game as his football game,”

17-year-old Malala Yousafzai describes why she risked her life when she was targeted by the Taliban for seeking an education in Pakistan. She speak of the power of education and why the Taliban want to keep their youth uneducated.

Digital Footprints are Forever!

A Tale of Two Footprints from Mr. Sheehy on Vimeo.

Directing Video Production

This is what it’s like to be behind the camera lens on a 5 camera shoot with an audience of 2,000 people. The voice you hear is the director of the video feed  directing on the Broadcast Pix Slate switcher.

Directing Multiview from Colton Watson on Vimeo.

Introducing Pinnacle!

Media with Mounts

Welcome Back 2014-2015, Sinton ISD


Sinton ISD  loves this hard-working team!
Way to rock the sign, Tech-Team!
Our boys appreciate your support!


Istation Reading for Summer Home Use

Build a Successful Summer with
Istation and Texas SUCCESS!

Lunch Number, first initial, last name
Password: Sinton ISD ID Number/Lunch Number

Username:  12345jbieber
Password:   12345

Istation is offering Webinars in June and July for parents
interested in successfully using Istation Home
during the Summer. The Webinar will discuss
good use of all the available components,
along with Parent Reports and Parent Resources. 

Istation Home Webinars! Please print and distribute this
PDF invitation to parents. 


Download the Parent Webinar Invitation!

8th Grade Tech Assessment

Be sure to type your password exactly as it is written. These are case sensitive!
Mrs. Mounts :-)


Make your own games online!

You want to be a gamer? Create your own!

Mrs. Mounts has created a few accounts to allow her young people to express their creative ideas and reward each other through positive feedback and encouragement. With Sploder’s diverse set of game-making tools, members can discover many different ways to design game levels, make stories with narratives, and challenge themselves and their players.

Mrs. Mounts and Sploder believes that the world can be changed by creative people who use their minds to make the world better. By offering a place where people are rewarded for creativity in the context of games and play, we hope to point them toward a path to a more creative future.

Only you are finished with the objectives in Mrs. Mounts’ class,
you can ask for entrance to the world of creating you own games! The opportunities are endless!
Mrs. Mounts :-)