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Live Stream/Twitter Session with President of the United States

8th Grade Technology Assessment 2015


What really happened at Ford’s Theatre: Lincoln’s Legacy

Remembering the Lincoln Assasination


New Robotics Competition Information

Link to all webcasts here:

Robotics Team Results Here! Go SMS Mauraders! :-)
Once you click on the link, you will need to
scroll down & look for the RESULTS  tab!

Original Webcast Link from Mr. Soliz—white

Other information sent by Mr. Soliz this morning:

Choir Matters!

US Open Robotics VRC Middle School

Our Smith Middle School’s Team is in Iowa!
On behalf of some very proud people at the Smith Middle School,

we wish Mr. Soliz and his talented bunch the best of luck! :-)

To view more information about this competition, click here

The  LIVE STREAM  for this competition is posted below. 
As soon as this blogger knows the schedule for our team, I will post it for you!

Good luck, kids!



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